Announcing the WRITERS’ ODYSSEY at the Odyssey Theatre

Picture of Lina Patel

Lina Patel

The Odyssey Theatre is excited to announce the formation of a new playwriting community, WRITERS’ ODYSSEY, in association with Velina Hasu Houston. 


The WRITERS’ ODYSSEY at the Odyssey Theatre is a supportive, mindful community of dedicated playwrights creating meaningful original works for the theatre. The group offers a reflective place for the cultivation of new work that highlights challenges relevant to our evolving and diverse society.


The WRITERS’ ODYSSEY will have a few non-traditional elements (for writing groups), the development of new work will be complemented with a mindfulness element and a social outreach dimension.

We are excited to announce the WRITERS’ ODYSSEY playwrights.

Boni B. Alvarez

Diana Burbano 

Paula L. Cizmar 

Velina Hasu Houston 

Donald Jolly 

Carlos Lacámara 

Jennifer Maisel 

Lina Patel 

L. Trey Wilson   

Elizabeth Wong

We look forward to our journey with these incredible playwrights.

Velina Hasu Houston.                        Sally Essex-Lopresti.

Writers’ Odyssey Artist Associate Writers’ Odyssey Facilitator